Steps to Designing a Metal Building

6 Feb 2020 Pre-Engineered Buildings

When getting set up to install a pre-engineered metal building, making sure that everything is designed properly to meet your needs is important. Metal buildings are incredibly versatile and have lots of options for additions and features and making sure that all of these are considered during the design phase can help save you time and money. At Ferro Building Systems, we know the steps to designing a metal building and we are always prepared to help our clients find the best pre-engineered building solutions.

Designing a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

The planning process for pre-engineered metal buildings is extremely important. A good metal building provider should always make sure that everything is prepared and planned out with incredible detail because any problems that come up during construction can end up costing money and extending the timeline of the build. For this reason, it is important to always hire a professional, experienced supplier for the design and supply of a pre-engineered metal building.

Many pre-engineered metal buildings come in established packages and any extras or necessary features need to be added as an addition after the building has been erected; however, it is also possible to hire a metal building supplier that specializes in design-build services. This type of metal building provider will be able to help you to come up with a metal building design that perfectly suits your needs. If you are looking to begin the design process for your metal building, some of the steps to consider include:

Know Your Needs

Conducting a proper needs assessment and writing out priorities is extremely important. If the building will need office space, storefront space, a built-in crane, temperature control, or specific door placement, it is important to know all of this beforehand. If the building is meant for storage, it will require a different solution from a metal building that is designed for manufacturing.

Investigate Options

There are many different options for pre-engineered metal buildings that can affect the look and function of the finished product. Knowing the different options for foundations, frame systems, roof and side panels, and other building options can ensure that you are prepared to make the best decisions possible for your project.

Plan the Aesthetic

Once you have all of the necessities squared away, you will be able to start working on some of the aesthetic qualities of your pre-engineered metal building. This can include structural elements, such as door and window placements, as well as exterior and interior design.

If you are interested in learning more about the steps to designing a metal building, or if you would like to find out more about our scope of pre-engineered building services and products, please contact Ferro Buildings systems or call us at 604-530-3224.