Storage for Automotive Shops

14 Oct 2021 Tools, Warehouse Equipment

There are few industries that can appreciate the benefits of proper storage like the automotive industry. Automotive shops utilize many different tools and parts every day to complete various jobs. The right automotive storage solution can ensure that every part and tool is easy to locate and access, allowing shops to maintain a high level of productivity, safety, and quality. As leading providers of automotive storage systems, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment understands the importance of effective organization. That is why they have provided some information on the different types of storage for automotive shops to help you determine the right system for your needs.

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Types of Automotive Storage Solutions

Automotive shops of all sizes can benefit from the following types of equipment:

Automotive Parts Storage Equipment

Some automotive shops need to store thousands of parts in varying sizes. This can include everything from spark plugs and brakes to car batteries and hoses. Some shops may even require storage solutions for tires and windshields depending on their size or area of expertise. Regardless of the products, automotive parts storage is all about organization and efficiency, ensuring that everything is easy to locate and within reach. This allows shops to save a considerable amount of space while maximizing employee productivity. Proper organization is also crucial for maintaining accurate inventory counts and minimizing the risk of slips or falls due to misplaced parts. Automotive parts storage units include hanging racks, tire racks, mounted shelving units, motorized toolboxes, medium or large automotive storage panels, and more.

Automotive Service Storage Equipment

Automotive service shops utilize a variety of different tools to perform routine maintenance and major repairs on all types of vehicles. That is why every shop needs appropriate automotive service storage equipment to hold their tools and provide a space to perform work. Whether your shop requires a basic workbench, a corner workstation, or a complex specialized unit, it is important to partner with a provider that can deliver the perfect solution. Every automotive service storage unit from Commander Warehouse Equipment can be outfitted with a variety of features based on your precise needs. These features include but are not limited to phones, LCD monitors, document holders, perforated panels, customized lighting, and air hoses.

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