Strategies for Retail Construction Projects

11 Feb 2021 Custom Building

There are many different ways to execute retail construction projects and many different factors to consider that can affect how the project turns out. At Twin Maple Construction, our specialization in commercial construction has helped us to develop a wide range of strategies for retail construction projects that allow us to build shops that will function well for years to come.

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Retail Construction Project Planning Tips

There are many different things to consider when planning out the design and functionality of a retail space. Whether you are selling food, clothing, or any other type of goods, it is important to ensure that your building is ideally suited to make the customer experience easy and engaging. The same strategies usually apply to both new construction projects and tenant improvements. Some important tips to consider in your retail establishment’s design and construction strategy include:

Focus on Customer Experience

In every decision, make sure that you are questioning how your choices will influence a customer’s experience. This applies to how a customer navigates the store, gathers items, and pays for them, as well as how they feel when they are in the space. The overall effect and layout should ensure that a customer wants to come back and repeat their experience.

Plan for Technology

There are many different ways that new technology can be implemented into retail. Whether you are looking at touchless technology for sanitization and restrooms, POS options, interactive kiosks, or inventory tracking systems, it is important to consider your approach ahead of time and factor it into your store’s layout.

Customize to Suit Your Selling Style

The floorplan of your retail establishment needs to be optimized for your industry and selling style. If you have a showroom rather than shelves of product, the layout should allow customers to have plenty of room to inspect and compare products and lead through to the area where orders can be placed.

Consider Modern Health Standards

In a post-COVID 19 world, it is important to consider a variety of factors when designing and building commercial spaces. There are many new health standards that need to be met, such as better ventilation and air systems, touchless sanitization systems, and transaction screens at points of interaction. Consider incorporating these systems into your planning and making them permanent. Many of these things can also be money savers or sales tools in the long run, such as postings for QR codes that bring up digital product pamphlets.

If you would like to learn more about some of the strategies that should be considered for retail construction projects, or to find out about our range of services, please contact Twin Maple Construction so we can answer your questions.