Swim Pond Lighting Trends for 2020

9 Jan 2020 Water Features

Whether you already have a natural swimming pond in your backyard or you are looking into the possibility of having one installed, knowing the best swim pond lighting trends for 2020 can help you to make the most of your water feature. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, we have plenty of experience creating swim ponds that are as close to nature as possible and we can help to ensure that your pond is properly lit and maintains its beauty even after the sun goes down.

Pond Lighting Trends

Proper pond lighting can help to ensure that you are not limited to when you can enjoy your water feature by the time of day. Swimming in a pond at nighttime with lights illuminating the water and surrounding plant life can be an entirely different experience from swimming during the day. If you are looking for help with installing new pond lighting, make sure that you call a professional water feature specialist. Some trending ideas for pond lighting in 2020 include:

Downlights for the Landscape

When it comes to illuminating the landscape features, such as rocks, short vegetation, or waterfalls, downlights do the best job of mimicking mother nature and giving an excellent lighting effect. Downlights can be used at nearly any height, but it is best to use a series of strategically placed low lights.

Uplights for the Trees

Using uplights to illuminate the trees may not look as natural as downlights, but it does give an incredibly cool effect to the trunks and foliage. Uplights can give trees the appearance of glowing, which will help to make your nighttime pond swim an entirely unique experience.

Underwater Lights

Using underwater lights throughout your pond is not a new trend, but the placement of these lights can have an incredible effect. By placing underwater lights amongst your aquatic plants, you can illuminate them from below and create a fairy garden aesthetic. If you have any waterfalls or streams flowing into your pond, place underwater lights in the splash zones.

String Lighting

If you have trees or fences close to your pond, hanging string lights can give your pond an incredibly serene ambience. There are many different looks for string lights, so make sure that the lights you get match your overall theme or aesthetic.

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