The 5 Types of Backyard Waterfalls

4 Jun 2020 Water Features

Installing a waterfall is one of the best ways to add a level of peace and vitality to your backyard. The sounds produced by a waterfall accompanied by the mesmerizing beauty of watching the water cascade over the edge of a high point can be incredibly therapeutic and relaxing. If you are interested in what kind of waterfall might work best for your property, be sure to call the water feature experts at Fontana Ponds & Water Features to discuss the 5 types of backyard waterfalls.

5 Types of Waterfalls for Backyards

There are many different styles of waterfalls that you can put in your backyard in order to create a beautiful, natural oasis. Whatever kind of space you are working with, there is sure to be a type of waterfall that will mesh well with your property. Although some of the most beautiful types of backyard waterfalls are those that mimic nature, there are many waterfalls that offer great beauty and value that take the form of fountains. Some of the different types of waterfalls include:

Pondless Waterfalls

If you have animals or little ones on your property, a pondless waterfall is often the way to go. These water features take the form of a natural looking waterfall but end in a rock-filled reservoir rather than a pond. These are also excellent options for backyards with little space.

Multistep Waterfalls

Multistep waterfalls use multiple platforms to create a series of waterfalls rather than one large waterfall. These waterfalls can be as tall or short as desired and they often function similarly to an artificial stream.

Cascading Waterfalls

One of the most commonly seen types of backyard waterfalls are cascading waterfalls. These water features are comprised of one large drop over which the water spills to rain down into the reservoir or pond below. The noise level of these waterfalls is regulated by how much water is running through them.


If space is a major concern or you are trying to keep the noise level of your waterfall to a minimum, waterwalls are a great option. Waterwalls allow the water to fall along a wall, which is typically made of stone, brick, or tile. Waterwalls are quiet and elegant and they require a very minimal amount of space to operate.

Rain Curtains

Another type of waterfall or fountain that requires very little space is the rain curtain. Rain curtains create a thin line of water droplets that consistently falls vertically into a small reservoir. These are often used in backyards that do not have much garden space or are more patio than yard.

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