The Advantages of Cordless Makita Power Tools

24 Oct 2019 Industrial Equipment

Whether you are looking to set up your new construction site with a full supply of cordless tools, need to pick a tool brand for your industrial workshop, or need consistency in your toolbox when travelling to different jobsites, it is worth considering Makita as a manufacturer for your power tools. At Western Equipment, we provide the full lineup of Makita power tools, as well as other brands, to clients all across British Columbia, and we know the advantages of cordless Makita power tools.

Why Go with Makita for Cordless Tools?

There are many excellent producers of power tools out there, and many people have their own preference on which brand they are loyal to. While many of these brands produce similar products, there are many reasons to choose one brand over another. Some of the advantages of going with Makita power tools include:

Massive Selection of Tools

Makita produces one of the biggest lineups of cordless power tools available. There are many cordless tools that are available from Makita that are not available from its competitors, and many different sizes and power levels of the same tool. This means that you can be sure that you will be able to find the perfect tool for your needs.

Wide Selection of Accessories

On top of supplying a massive tool lineup, Makita produces a variety of customized accessories for its tools. These accessories are not usually exclusively usable with Makita tools and they can be used with other brands. Due to the popularity and accessibility of the brand, parts and accessories for Makita tools are very easily accessible.

Excellent Batteries

Makita batteries are available in a range of charge sizes, meaning that you can easily find a battery size that suits your needs. These batteries charge quickly, have a long last, and are incredibly durable, meaning that they can take heavy use before wearing out.

Competitively Priced Combo Packs

If you are looking to get a full setup of power tools, Makita offers a variety of combo packs that come with some of the most commonly used cordless power tools. These combo packs can typically be purchased for less than the collective price of each of the individual tools, and they often come with bonus batteries.

Exceptional Care and Service

Makita is known for having excellent customer service standards. Its representatives are easy to access and always ready to help.

For more information about the advantages of cordless Makita power tools, or to learn more about our massive range of products and services, please contact us at the location nearest to you or fill out a form on our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.