The Benefits of Aluminum Fishing Boats

23 Mar 2021 Marine Services

Aluminum fishing boats offer several benefits and features that make them a great choice for fishing in BC. When looking at the benefits of Aluminum fishing boats, it is clear to see why they continue to be a popular choice for fishing and recreational use. Bridgeview Marine is proud to offer an extensive selection of aluminum fishing boats in a variety of configurations and designs. This allows them to provide you with the perfect boat for your exact wants, needs, and budget. Reach out to their expert team today to learn more about our aluminum fishing boat lineup or to inquire about their other services and solutions.

Learn where to go fishing with an aluminum boat in BC.

Aluminum Fishing Boat Benefits

If you are looking for a lightweight fishing or family fun boat, an aluminum boat is a great choice. Every unit features several key benefits that make them ideal for many uses. These benefits include:

Lower Ownership and Operating Costs

Aluminum fishing boats often feature a lower purchase cost compared to fibreglass models. These boats are also much lighter, allowing for the use of smaller outboard motors and smaller vehicles for towing them. This drastically cuts down on operating costs, such as fuel for the boat, and wear on the vehicle used to transport it.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Whether you are looking to fish in fresh water or salt water, aluminum boats can safely handle either. Their hulls are highly resistant to the corrosion that other types of boats may experience over time, maximizing their usable life and cutting down on maintenance requirements. By using an aluminum fishing boat, you can safely and confidently fish anywhere from Haida Gwaii and Victoria to the many lakes in the BC interior.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements

By choosing an aluminum fishing boat, you are eliminating the hassle of waxing the gel coat found on fibreglass models. Regular cleaning is still required, but this takes significantly less time. In addition to cleaning requirements, aluminum often dents instead of cracking or breaking in the event of an impact. These dents are much easier and cheaper to fix, further reducing maintenance requirements and costs while maximizing the usable life of the boat.

To learn more about the benefits of aluminum fishing boats or to see which model is right for you, contact the experts at your nearest Bridgeview Marine location.