The Benefits of Different Types of Specialty Outlets

8 Oct 2020 Licensed Electrician

Electrical outlets are everywhere, and most people seldom consider them; however, there are many different types of outlets that are used to supply electricity to all kinds of devices and each type of outlet offers different benefits. At Expert Electric, we know that the variety of electrical outlets that should be used for a particular application will depend on a couple of factors, and knowing the benefits of different types of specialty outlets can help you know what hardware to use for your needs.

Different Types of Electrical Outlets

If you need a new outlet installed, it is often best to talk to a licensed electrician. They will also be able to help you find the best outlet for your particular needs; however, it can help to have basic knowledge about the types of outlets that are available and their benefits. Some of the common specialty electrical outlet types include:

Tamper Resistant Outlets

For homes with children, tamper resistant outlets are an excellent safety feature. Tamper resistant outlets have a built-in shutter that is designed to prevent foreign objects from being shoved inside of them. Although they do not prevent all electrical injuries, the added safety measure is good to have.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are another type of receptacle that is designed to prevent electrical injuries. These outlets detect when there is a disruption in the flow of electricity or an overload and they automatically shut down. They can be reset by pushing a button on the receptacle.

USB Combo Outlets

With the prevalence of chargeable electrical devices that plug into USB ports, it can be annoying to have to carry around an adapter with your device all the time. These outlets include USB electrical ports so that you are able to plug your charger directly into the wall.

Surge Suppression Outlets

Surge suppressors are designed to protect your electrical devices from surges in electricity. They are typically plugged into other wall outlets, but they can also be hardwired. They are good to have at any point where electrical devices with circuit boards like televisions, computers, or sound systems will be plugged in, such as at a desk or entertainment centre.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets function with smart home systems and they can be controlled from a smart phone using an app.

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