The Benefits of High-Density Storage Systems

17 Sep 2021 Warehouse Equipment

When it comes to warehousing, space is a precious resource. Balancing storage space and operating space is not a simple task, especially when dealing with many types of products, materials, and equipment. The implementation of a high-density storage system such as a modular drawer system is a great way to consolidate high volumes of product and maximize your useable space. As leading providers of solutions for warehouses, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment understands the importance of space optimization. That is why they have outlined the benefits of high-density storage systems to demonstrate how they can be utilized in nearly any type of facility.

What is a stack and store mezzanine?

3 Key Benefits of High-Density Storage Systems

Whether you are looking at a modular drawer system or a stack & store mezzanine, high-density storage systems offer the following benefits for warehouses of all sizes:

1. Space Savings

Seasonal and consumer trends can cause a sudden increase in demand for certain products. To accommodate this increase, many warehouses will install additional shelving units. Though this will help to meet the need for storage, these shelves can occupy valuable operating space for personnel and the equipment they use. High-density shelving systems utilize untapped vertical space to optimize storage capacity without taking up additional floor space. This means that once seasonal trends start to decrease, you will not need to disassemble these shelves or move them to another area.

2. Reducing Picking Time

The more time a picker spends walking or searching to find products or materials, the less time they have to fulfill and ship orders. By condensing your products with high-density storage solutions, pickers can locate more of their items in the same area of your facility, reducing picking time. Each high-density storage system can also be efficiently organized by product/material type to further reduce picking time and increase picking efficiency.

3. Better Organization

For busy warehouses, product damage or loss can be difficult to avoid. This is especially true for facilities with inadequate or outdated storage systems. Installing high-density storage systems like modular drawer systems or stack & store mezzanines is a proactive method of reducing the costs associated with damaged and lost products. These systems are easy to organize and allow you to store slower-moving products in enclosed areas to keep them safe from damage.

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