The Best Home Cleaning Services in Vancouver, BC

27 Nov 2018 Cleaning Services

When you live in a city as beautiful and active as Vancouver, it can be hard to make time for housekeeping. If you are looking to free up some time while still keeping a clean home, hire Urban Life Cleaning for the best home cleaning services in Vancouver, BC. Urban Life Cleaning is passionate about keeping its clients’ homes clean, safe, sanitary, and worry-free and this passion is what makes Urban Life Cleaning good at its job.

What Distinguishes a Cleaning Service?

While there are many good cleaning services in Vancouver, there are a few values on which Urban Life Cleaning focuses that helps it to excel. These values include:

Detail Oriented Cleaning Services

The best home cleaning services have an exceptional attention to detail. Cleaning every nook and cranny is important to Urban Life Cleaning, whether it is in a visible space or not. Urban Life Cleaning’s checklists are meticulously completed for each home it services.

Environmentally Conscious Cleaning

Every cleaning product used by Urban Life Cleaning is organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. To be the best cleaning service in Vancouver, it is not enough to just clean well; it is important to care for how any work done affects the rest of the world.

Experienced Cleaners

Do not be fooled by the youthful energy of Urban Life Cleaning’s team; Urban Life Cleaning’s cleaners are experienced and trained. With years of experience and hundreds of homes cleaned, Urban Life Cleaning employs the best cleaners in Vancouver and they are equipped to handle any home cleaning challenge.

Trustworthy and Honest Cleaners

People should be able to feel comfortable with their cleaner in their home. While many cleaners charge a flat rate for a home cleaning and leave clients unsure of what they have paid for, Urban Life Cleaning’s rates are hourly, and you will always know where your money is going. You will never be charged for more work than Urban Life Cleaning has done. All employees hired by Urban Life Cleaning are carefully vetted to ensure that you are getting the best cleaning services in Vancouver.

If you are looking for more information about the best home cleaning services in Vancouver, BC, or if you are interested in any of Urban Life Cleaning’s other services (vacation rental cleaning, move out cleaning, open house cleaning, office cleaning) contact Urban Life Cleaning at 604-800-6466, fill out the online form, or book a cleaning online.