The Best Roofing Materials for BC Homes

9 Jul 2020 Building Supply

There are many different types of roofing available that can work well for homes in any area, but some types are better suited for certain climates than others. In British Columbia, certain kinds of roofing last longer and provide better value in the moist, mild weather that is common to our province. At Country Lumber, we provide all of the best roofing materials for BC homes in a wide assortment of styles.

What are the Best Types of Roofing for BC Homes?

Whether you are building a new custom home or your existing home needs a new roof, it is good to know what the best type of roofing is for the area in which you live. Some of the best roofing materials to use in BC are:


Western Red Cedar is one of the most useful woods for building in the Pacific Northwest. Its naturally water-resistant, rot-resistant, and mould-resistant properties makes it ideal for use in British Columbia. It is also exceptionally strong, incredibly long lasting, and looks great.


Laminate shingles are a type of heavy-duty asphalt shingle that use multiple layers of more refined asphalt in order to last longer, insulate better, and provide better durability. Despite their slight increase in price, laminate shingles are better suited to stand up against the type of weather that British Columbia homes are subjected to than regular asphalt shingles. Using laminate asphalt shingles can help homeowners to save money in the long run, as their lasting properties can mean that homes do not need to be reroofed as often.


Metal roofs are not just for agriculture and commercial uses. Metal roofing is an incredibly popular and sensible option for BC homes due to its durability, weather resistance, and attractiveness. Metal roofs are known for standing up to damage from weather and debris that would have completely destroyed any other type of roof. They are available in a massive selection of styles and colours to suit any home’s aesthetic.

If you are interested in learning more about the best roofing materials for BC homes, or if you would like to find out about any of the other services and supplies available from Country Lumber, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.