The Best Uses for Crawler Cranes

6 Feb 2020 Mobile Cranes

Due to their capacity to lift massive loads, their ability to move over rough and unstable terrain, and their overall sturdiness, crawler cranes are used in a massive variety of lifting operations. Crawler cranes can be used in many scenarios where other cranes cannot. At Stampede Crane and Rigging, we know the best uses for crawler cranes and we provide crane rentals to industries across Southern Alberta.

When to Use Crawler Cranes

If a project calls for extra height capabilities, a longer reach, extreme weight lifting, or is positioned on unstable ground, it might be best to call in a crawler crane. Some of the best uses for crawler cranes include:

Oil and Gas

Whether a hoisting operation takes place in the middle of a muddy field or on a developed lot of land, crawler cranes can be incredibly useful in the oil and gas industry. Their ability to travel and lift loads on ground that other cranes cannot makes crawler cranes essential for new installations. Crawler cranes can also lift up to 660 tonnes, so they are capable of dealing with the heavy equipment that is common in the oil industry.


Because crawler cranes have such excellent stability and are able to lift large loads at great heights and distances, they are widely used in construction projects. Crawler cranes in construction are used when the project requires a heavy load to be lifted over long distances or at great heights. They are often used for construction in hard to reach areas and in new installments, or for jobs in poor weather conditions.


Due to the location of most agriculture projects and the type of terrain being dealt with, crawler cranes are often the best way to go. Whether you are installing new equipment or constructing an agricultural building, a crawler crane can ensure that you are not restricted on what ground you can travel over, and the long boom and jib extensions can reach over many existing structures.

To learn more information about the best uses for crawler cranes, or if you would like to learn about any of the mobile crane services available from Stampede Crane and Rigging, please contact us at the location nearest you to talk to any of our educated staff or fill out a form on our website and we will get back to you.