The Best Uses for Hydraulic Cranes in Red Deer

9 Apr 2020 Mobile Cranes

Hydraulic cranes are extremely useful and have a massive number of applications in all kinds of industries. If you work in the Red Deer area, there are many different ways that a hydraulic crane could be used for your industry. At TNT Crane & Rigging, we know that it is important for people in Central Alberta industries that require hoisting equipment to know the best uses for hydraulic cranes in Red Deer and the surrounding area.

What are the Best Uses for Cranes Around Red Deer, AB?

There are many important jobs being done by mobile hydraulic cranes in the Red Deer area every day. Some of the most common uses for mobile cranes throughout Central Alberta include:

Wind Farm Installation

Wind farms are a great source of energy for Alberta, and mobile cranes are an indispensable part of getting wind turbines installed. Different types of hydraulic cranes can be used for transporting the components required to install a wind farm from a manufacturer to the Red Deer area and installing them safely and efficiently.

Agricultural Construction

New farm buildings are constantly being built to continue to supply Red Deer and the rest of Alberta with food resources. Mobile cranes are a major part of many agricultural construction projects, especially when the buildings being constructed are tall or consist of large, heavy components.

Electrical Installation and Support

Expanding Alberta’s electrical grid and maintaining it often requires the help of mobile cranes. Many types of mobile hydraulic cranes are capable of travelling on the rough country roads around Red Deer in order to offer support throughout the electrical industry.

Oil and Gas Work

In the oil fields, it is not uncommon to see hydraulic cranes being used every day to move equipment, install new drills or pumps, and build new structures to ensure that this essential industry continues to produce.

Advantages of Hydraulic Cranes for Alberta Industries

Mobile hydraulic cranes have a wide variety of advantages when compared with stationary cranes. Many projects will not last long enough to require that a stationary crane be built, or they might require that a crane perform hoisting operations at various locations across the job site. Mobile cranes are also incredibly versatile and some types can reach areas that many other service vehicles cannot get to.

If you are interested in finding out more about the best uses for hydraulic cranes in Red Deer, or if you would like to learn more about any of the crane rentals and services that we offer, please contact TNT Crane & Rigging at 800‐799‐2505, or find the branch closest to you.