The Importance of Choosing the Right Flexible Hose

18 Mar 2021 Flexible Hoses

When it comes to flexible hoses, a common misconception is that any hose can be used for any application. Different types of flexible hoses are designed to meet the required specifications of various applications. That is why it is important to choose the correct solution when using flexible hoses. Using the incorrect hose can result in safety hazards, equipment damage, and costly downtime depending on the application. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture a variety of flexible hoses that can be used for many applications. Though there are many hoses available, the importance of choosing the right flexible hose for your needs should not be underestimated.

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Determining the Right Flexible Hose

When looking at flexible metal hoses, PTFE hoses, or specialty transfer hoses, there are several main specifications to consider. Knowing these specifications will allow you to choose the optimal flexible hose for your exact requirements.


What application will the hose be used for and what will be transferred through it? For example, hoses that transfer air will differ from those that transfer water or gasoline. Other application-related considerations are the frequency at which the hose will be used and if it needs to meet certain industrial or government standards. The environmental conditions that the hose will be exposed to will also affect which type of flexible hose is suitable for your needs.


The common working pressure of your application will significantly affect which hose is right for the job. Whether the application calls for positive (PSI) or negative (Hg) pressure, choosing an inadequate hose can result in bursting or equipment damage.


The selected hose must meet the diameter and length requirements of the job. Incorrect sizing will often result in clogs if the hose is too small or leaks if it is too large. This can be especially dangerous if the hose is used to transport fuel or hazardous materials.


All flexible hoses have a temperature rating that determines how hot or cold they can be. Failure to match these requirements with your application can result in frozen or melted hoses. Internal and external temperatures directly impact the type of hose that should be selected for the job.

For assistance determining the correct flexible hose for your application, reach out to the experts at Flextech Industries. Our team will work with you to provide the optimal solution for your needs.