The Importance of Regular Inspections for Lifting Equipment

15 Jun 2021 Rigging and Material Handling

Lifting and rigging equipment is only as strong as its weakest link. When you are working with hooks, cables, chains, and slings, it is crucial to ensure that they are in good condition before use. There are several different reasons that rigging and lifting equipment can fail. To ensure optimal safety, all site personnel should understand the importance of regular inspections for lifting equipment. As leading providers of rigging and material handling solutions, Western Equipment knows that inspections are the difference between a productive site and an unsafe operation. That is why their team has provided some key benefits of regular inspections.

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Why Should you Inspect Lifting and Rigging Equipment?

Regular inspections should be part of your daily operating routine for the following reasons:

Some Damage is Easy to Miss

Not all major damage is easy to see at a glance. Cracks, stripped threads, missing parts, and stretching are all examples of major damage that is easy to miss. Each of these forms of damage are clear indicators that the hardware or parts have been weakened and need to be replaced. Regular inspections can ensure that this damage is never missed, optimizing site safety and productivity by minimizing safety risks. In addition to daily visual inspections, periodic site safety inspections should be conducted to ensure that all equipment and processes are as safe as they can be.

Site Safety is Crucial

A safe site is a productive and effective site. A minor or major accident can quickly derail an operation, leading to costly downtime and reduced site morale. If any members of a project site have concerns about safety, ensure that these concerns are adequately addressed. This will ensure optimal confidence and safety, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Ensures Compliance with Applicable Standards

Between OSHA and CSA, there are many standards that must be met for every type of operation. Regular inspections can help to ensure that your site complies with these standards and regulations. Document the results of these inspections and keep these documents available to make it easy to track the condition of your equipment. These documents are also useful in the event of an unexpected site audit.

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