The Importance of Traffic Engineering

17 Dec 2020 Traffic Control

Understanding the importance of traffic engineering and how it helps optimize the efficiency and overall performance of the movement of people, goods, and transportation will provide you with a full picture of what it takes to maximize traffic flow to reduce congestion. At Valley Traffic Systems, they know that hiring the right traffic engineer for your project can make all the difference. That is why they offer a range of traffic engineering services for all kinds of projects.

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Why is Traffic Engineering Important?

Since ensuring infrastructure is accessible, safe, and designed for all road users is vital, a traffic engineer has to be able to address traffic concerns for both new developments and for existing infrastructures that need to be reconstructed. Traffic engineers are highly trained and experienced in collecting data related to road construction, traffic signals, and land development in order to create traffic studies that allow them to come up with new and innovative ways of optimizing roadways and other forms of transportation.

Traffic Engineering Services for New Infrastructure

Traffic engineering works to resolve any issues that obstruct the safe and efficient movement of people and vehicles on roadways. While a big part of traffic engineering focuses on designing and constructing traffic infrastructures, traffic engineering also covers all of the other aspects of road geometry for traffic flow, such as road surface markings, traffic signals, traffic signs, and intersection management.

Traffic engineers can provide a range of services for new infrastructure projects, including:

  • Optimizing road space
  • Developing road safety strategies and programs
  • Assessing and implementing measures to reduce traffic collisions
  • Performing impact studies on accessibility, parking, and traffic
  • Integrating different forms of active transportation and transit into road designs
  • Developing intersection design and operation plans
  • Performing road safety studies

Lifecycle Traffic Engineering Services

In addition to working on new infrastructure projects, traffic engineers also play an important role in reconstructing and improving existing roadways. Traffic engineers are highly trained in researching, modelling, auditing, and implementing traffic improvement systems—traffic signals, lighting, road signs, system detection, road maintenance, and traffic channelization—for all kinds of roadways.

Some of the lifecycle services that traffic engineers can provide for improving existing roadways include:

  • Implementing traffic calming measures
  • Installing traffic signage and markings
  • Installing traffic signals
  • Installing roundabouts
  • Installing variable message signs
  • Performing transportation and traffic surveys

If you would like to learn more about the importance of traffic engineering, or if you are interested in their traffic engineering services, please contact Valley Traffic Systems at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on their website.