The Pros and Cons of Wood Decking for Loading Ramps

10 Sep 2020 Loading Ramps

If you are looking into getting a new loading dock for your facility, it can be helpful to have all of the information about the benefits of different options to ensure you get the best option for your needs. One of the common customizable features on loading ramps is the type of decking used. The two most common types of decks for loading ramps are wood and metal, and there are different reasons to go with both types of decks. At Dura-Ramp, we know the pros and cons of wood decking for loading ramps, and we can customize our loading ramps to suit any facility’s needs.

loading ramp with wood deck

Pros and Cons of Wood Decking on Loading Docks

When looking into what kind of loading ramp your facility needs, it is important to establish what vehicles will be driven on the ramp and what kind of decking will be needed. Most loading docks use metal grates for the decking for superior grip and strength, but wood decking is commonly used in certain situations.

Pros of Wood Decking for Loading Ramps

Wooden decking is usually used in situations where vehicles with tracks rather than tires will be driving on the ramp. Tracks can often catch on metal grates and do damage to the ramp or the vehicle, so wood decking is a good alternative. Wood decking is also much easier and less expensive to replace on a loading ramp when it gets damaged.

Cons of Wood Decking for Loading Ramps

One of the biggest cons of wood decking on loading ramps is that it can become slippery in bad weather. Mud, snow, ice, and even water can make the wood slick so, although these decks are ideal and even necessary for vehicles with tracks, they are not ideal for other vehicles unless they are kept inside.

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