Things to Consider Before Building a Custom Home

7 Nov 2019 Custom Building

At Jaheny Custom Builders, we understand that building a custom home is a big investment. That is why we have put together a list of things to consider before building a custom home to help you properly prepare for the home building process.

1. Lifestyle

One of the biggest things to consider when building a custom home is your lifestyle and to make sure that you are properly planning for the future. Understanding your lifestyle and habits before starting the home building process can help make planning for things like storage space easier and it will help ensure that your home will be as functional as possible for many years to come.

2. Location

Since the location and community your home will be built in will have the greatest impact on your life, it is important to find out as much as you can about the area before purchasing a piece of land. Make sure to take into consideration proximity to schools, work, shopping, and entertainment. Before purchasing a plot of land, it is also a good idea to have a building inspection completed so that you can have a clear idea of what restrictions you might be up against, such as lot requirements, driveway placement, and utility regulations.

3. Choosing a Builder

One of the most important things that you will need to consider before building a custom home is which custom home builder will work best for your unique project requirements. When hiring a custom builder for your project, make sure to ask to see examples of past work and for references from past clients. It is also important to make sure that you ask a lot of questions about the home building process to ensure that you are happy with the builder’s skill level and that they will be able to accommodate all of your needs.

4. Preparing for the Unexpected

No matter how well planned out the details of your home building project are, chances are that something unexpected will come up at some point. Having a contingency fund set aside for any problem areas and mentally preparing the inevitability of unexpected issues and delays can help minimize your stress levels when an issue does arise. Working with a reputable custom home builder can also help, as they will be able to provide you with a range of solutions for dealing with any unexpected problems.

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