Things to Know Before Designing a Vehicle Wrap

16 Mar 2021 Vinyl Wraps

Vehicle wraps are a creative and effective method for marketing your business when done correctly. To ensure the optimal result, there are several key considerations, challenges, and other factors to account for. At Wrap Guys, their dedicated team understands these challenges and how to effectively deal with them. That is why they have compiled a list of important things to know before designing a vehicle wrap. By understanding these key elements, you will be able to create a design that allows for effective advertising and brand recognition.

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What you Need to Know Before Designing a Vehicle Wrap

When designing a vehicle wrap, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Before the design stage, it is important to know the following information.

What Type of Vehicle(s) Will be Wrapped?

A wrap cannot be designed until the type of vehicle, make, and model is decided on. Knowing this information is crucial for determining the dimensions of the wrap and if there are any challenging corners or edges to account for. The cost of a vehicle wrap will also vary based on the vehicle, so knowing this beforehand will allow for a more accurate quote.

Where is the Logo going to be Placed?

One of the primary goals of a vehicle wrap is to display your company logo for advertising and brand recognition. That is why it is crucial to determine the locations you want your logo to be. Though it can be tempting to place the logo on a vehicle as many times as possible, it is more effective to utilize fewer and more strategic placements.

Will Additional Text be Needed?

For some companies, it can be difficult to determine what they do based solely on their logo. In these cases, it is best to have some supporting text or other design elements. An example of supporting text can be the various services offered, the company motto/slogan, or a few short phrases. In addition to this text, contact information should also be included to maximize advertising benefits.

What Colours and Other Design Elements Will be Used?

Though bold colours are eye-catching, too many colours in one wrap can lead to a clashing and overly busy design. Sticking with your company colours and one or two supporting colours is a good way to accentuate your logo without taking attention from it. In addition to colours, it is worth considering if other objects will be incorporated into the design. For example, a plumbing company may have water as part of their wrap, while electricians may have lightbulbs or wires.

Accounting for these aspects before the design stage will ensure a smoother experience and more effective vehicle wrap. To learn more about key elements of a vehicle wrap or for assistance determining the best vehicle wrap for your company, reach out to the experts at Wrap Guys.