Tips for Fixing a Leaky Sink

11 Feb 2021 Building Supply

At Country Lumber, we know that fixing a leaky sink can seem like a daunting task but, in reality, it often can be fixed with a little bit of effort and a few simple tools. Rather than hiring a plumber every time you notice a leaky sink in your home, consider tackling the problem on your own by using this list of tips for fixing a leaky sink from our team of professionals.

Locate the Problem

The first step in fixing a leaky sink is to assess the problem. To do so, you will need a large container, a flashlight, and a towel. Make sure you empty the sink and turn off the faucet before starting. Next, place a container under the faucet to collect any dripping water. Doing so will make it easier for you to determine if the faucet is leaking or if there is another problem.

You should then check under the sink using your flashlight. If there is leakage when the sink is not in use, then the problem might be coming from the water supply line. Turn on the faucet and then check under the sink for any signs of leakage. Make sure to check for loosened joints, broken pipes, and damaged sealant.

Fix the Leaky Sink

When fixing your leaky sink, it is extremely important to first turn off the main water supply to avoid flooding. There are various reasons why your sink could be leaking, such as:

Water Supply Line Problem

If the leak is constant even when the sink is not in use, the problem is most likely the water supply line. To fix the water supply line, first try tightening the retention nut. If the leakage continues, it may be necessary to replace any valves that might have loosened due to contraction, expansion, or age factors.

Water leakage can also be a result of damaged water supply pipes. You can fix this problem by applying a pipe sealant that stops the leakage. If the dripping does not stop, you might need to change the entire system.

Burst Pipe

If a pipe bursts, you will need to immediately close the shutoff valve or the main water supply. You can temporarily stop the leaking by wrapping the burst section of the pipe with duct tape or you can use a sleeve clamp or hose clamp to secure the pipe for a longer period of time. The best solution is to simply replace the entire pipe.

Leaking Sink Drain Traps

Leaking sink drain traps are only noticeable when the sink is in use. If your sink has plastic drainpipes, you might be able to fix the leak by simply tightening the nuts by hand. If the leakage continues, add sealant or silicone grease to the pipes. If the drainpipes in your sink are metallic, you should be able to tighten the pipes using pliers; however, If the dripping continues, the best thing to do is replace the pipes.

If you would like to learn more tips on fixing a leaky sink, please contact Country Lumber. Our team would love to answer any questions you might have.