Tips for Getting Rid of Paint Fumes

13 Feb 2020 Painting Services

At Dunbar Painting, they understand that lingering paint smells can be unpleasant and can make it harder for you to enjoy your home’s new interior paint job. That is why their professional team members have put together some simple tips for getting rid of paint fumes, so that you can start enjoying your freshly painted space sooner.

1. Open the Windows

One of the easiest ways to help remove paint fumes from your home is to open the windows in the room to bring in fresh air. Since paint smells will linger much longer in a room that has been painted and the windows have been left closed, make sure to crack the windows as wide as you can after a room has been painted. In most cases, opening the windows can help make the smell disappear after a day or two.

In the event that only one room in the house has been painted, consider opening the windows and then closing the door to the room. Closing the door will help isolate the paint fumes and will help the air flow out the window since the air will not be able to go anywhere else in the house.

2. Use Fans

Consider placing standing or box fans in the corners of the room, pointing them toward the open windows, and putting them on the highest possible setting. Letting them run continuously will help get rid of the paint fumes faster.

If the room that was painted does not have any windows that can be opened, open the windows in a nearby room and point the fans in the windowless room toward the door. You can also put more fans in the hallway, pointing toward open windows in other rooms, to help increase air flow and decrease paint odours.

3. Turn on the Air Conditioner

If the interior of your house is being painted in one of the summer months, turning on the air conditioning can help increase ventilation. If you have central air, make sure to turn the air conditioner on to the highest setting and let it run until new air has been pumped into the house, pushing out the paint fumes. If you have central air and you do not want the air conditioning on, you can always flip on the fan and leave the air off.

If you would like to learn more tips for getting rid of paint fumes, or if you are interested in their interior painting services, please contact Dunbar Painting at 604-788-3382 or by filling out a contact form on their website. There are also some low odour paints available that work on certain surfaces. If you are sensitive to paint smells, ask them about the different paint options during the quoting process.