Tips for Organizing a Toolbox

11 Feb 2021 Warehouse Equipment

While there is no perfect way to organize a toolbox, taking time to consider each of the tools that will be kept in your toolbox will make it easier for you to create the best organizational system for your specific needs. At Commander Warehouse, they know that having a well-organized toolbox or tool chest can make your workspace more efficient. That is why they have put together some tips for organizing a toolbox.

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1. Sort by Tool Types

One of the easiest ways to organize a toolbox is to start by sorting your tools by type. Keeping similar tools together, such as flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, will make it easier for you to quickly locate and select the right tool for the job. It is also a good idea to consider sorting tool accessories, such as sockets, and arranging them by size or type.

2. Place Heavier Tools on the Bottom

When sorting through the tools that will be kept in your toolbox, consider placing larger, heavier tools in the bottom drawers of the chest. Doing so will help provide the toolbox with greater stability, especially if it is on casters and will make it easier to remove the heavy tools when they are needed. In most cases, tool chests tend to have larger drawers on the bottom to make it easier to store heavy, bulky tools.

3. Utilize Drawer Liners

Using drawer liners in your toolbox can help keep tools in the right spot after they have been organized, preventing them from rolling around and scratching or damaging the drawer they are kept in. When selecting the right type of drawer liner for your toolbox, make sure to look for a liner that is thick enough to cushion your tools and is made from a material that can easily be cleaned to remove grease and grime.

4. Incorporate Small Parts Organizers

If you are planning on storing a bunch of small parts in your toolbox, utilizing a small parts organizer will ensure that all of your small items—nuts, bolts, washers, sockets, etc.—are kept securely in place. Most small parts organizers are made from plastic, making them lightweight and easy to move around.

If you would like to learn more tips for organizing a toolbox, or if you are interested in one of their toolboxes, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of their four locations across Western Canada or by filling out a contact form on their website.