Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Custom Home Builder

22 Aug 2019 Custom Building

Whether you are building a home from a pre-existing blueprint or a completely custom home from scratch, there are many reasons to hire a custom home builder to do the job. At Stattonrock Design + Build, they have been building homes that are custom-fitted to the lifestyle of their clients for years. If you are looking at what kind of contractor to hire for your home build, it is worth knowing the top 5 reasons to work with a custom home builder to inform your decision.

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Custom Home Builder

The best custom home builders will be able to design and build a home for you and your family that suits your lifestyle and needs perfectly. Some of the best reasons to work with a custom home builder for your upcoming project include:

1.    Get More for Your Budget

With many prebuilt homes, you will end up paying money for space that you do not need. With a custom home, you can be sure that your budget is going to exactly what you want for your new home, which can often end up saving you money.

2.    Streamlined Communication

In many building projects, you will need to coordinate between various trades and workers in order to get the job done, which can lead to miscommunication and extended timelines. When you work with a custom home builder, they will be your single point of contact for the entire project. They can make sure that every aspect of the job is done on your behalf.

3.    Personalized Living

Because the home is being customized to suit you and your family, every detail can be built to match your preference, needs, and taste. The home’s utility and aesthetics can be anything you want them to be; although, it is recommended that you do not go too crazy so that the house maintains resale value.

4.    Improved Quality

A custom home builder will be able to ensure that quality materials are used throughout the build. This will help to ensure that your home will last a lifetime and maintains its value.

5.    Saving You Time

Hiring a custom home builder can save you time throughout the building process. Not only will they be able to correspond with the numerous trades involved but they will also be able to take care of issues such as acquiring permits and legal documentation. In many cases, hiring a custom builder can also mean that your home is move-in ready sooner because stages get passed through more quickly and the build runs more efficiently than other types of building projects.

If you are interested in learning more about the top 5 reasons to work with a custom home builder, or if you would like to learn more about the custom building services available from Stattonrock Design + Build, feel free to contact them by filling out a form on their website.