Top Garden Trends for 2020

9 Jul 2020 Landscape Design

Just like other types of trends, garden trends come and go. Popular plants and flowers from last year’s gardening season may no longer be the best plants to create a modern appeal that is both aesthetically pleasing and on point with recent trends. At Jovak Landscape & Design, they understand how having an up-to-date garden makes all the difference in terms of curb appeal. That is why their team has put together a list of top garden trends for 2020.

1. Secluded Spaces

When planning your outdoor space, it is important to try to find the perfect balance between lush plant growth and comfortable sitting spaces. Private corners of the yard can easily be transformed into secluded spots that are perfect for reading, meditation, yoga, and quiet conversations.

2. Native Plants

While past gardening seasons favoured gardens that were driven by the homeowner’s personality, gardens in 2020 will focus more on the natural environment. Consider using plants in your garden that are native to the area. Choosing the appropriate perennials will produce beautiful flowers year after year.

3. Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is becoming an increasingly popular trend as more and more people adopt the reduce-reuse-recycle mentality. Organic gardens offer many environmental benefits, from soil health to the wellbeing of companion plants, animals, worms, and more.

4. Symmetrical Plant Placement

Using symmetrical plant placement can provide cohesiveness and a finished look that will make it seem as if your garden was planned by a professional. Consider twinning plants on either side of a door or gate or setting up a frame for the house with window boxes that provide charm and a decorative appeal.

5. Exotic Plants

More and more homeowners are shifting toward creating the ideal staycation spot by planting exotic plants like orchids, lilies, and other tropical varieties. When selecting exotic plants for your yard, make sure to look for hardy tropical plants that will thrive in your area.

6. High-Quality Patio Furniture

While saving money on outdoor furniture might seem like a good idea at first, cheap furniture will not hold up against harsh weather conditions and everyday wear and tear. Adding high-quality furniture to your outdoor space will provide a visually appealing component to your garden that guests will love.

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