Traditional Wedding Themes and Ideas

29 Jun 2021 Weddings

When it comes to planning your wedding and reception, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the number of options for themes. From elegant to rustic, there are many traditional themes that can make your wedding a wonderful experience for you and your guests. As leading providers of dance floor wraps and other services for weddings, the team at InStyle Floor Wraps knows how challenging it can be to decide on a theme. That is why their team has provided some information on popular traditional wedding themes and ideas. Knowing these themes can help you narrow down your list and choose the perfect option for your special day.

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4 Traditional Themes for Weddings

The following traditional themes are tested and timeless options that can suit the needs of nearly any wedding:


If you want your wedding to be a highly formal and classic experience, look no further than an elegant theme. Elegant weddings may include all the formalities that are present at a traditional wedding, such as sit-down dinners, speeches, and all key wedding personnel (bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, etc.). Soft colours, classy wedding attire, and an elegant venue such as a reception centre or vineyard are other key features of a traditional elegant wedding.


When it comes to traditional themes, it is easy to think of “vintage” as outdated or boring. In reality, a vintage wedding can be a great way to showcase and celebrate a bygone era while creating a wedding that is fun and memorable. Anything from the roaring 20’s to the booming 50’s can be a great choice for inspiration. Era-correct music, vehicles, clothing, and other elements are all part of a vintage-themed wedding.


Rustic weddings are inspired by the natural beauty of the countryside and the great outdoors. They are typically held in barns, sheds, vineyards, and outdoors under a large tree, making them a great option for many different colours and clothing types. Though rustic weddings are a traditional option, they are typically not as formal as other themes.


Also known as “Boho”, Bohemian wedding themes are a highly popular choice that offers a great balance of elegance and relaxation. This theme is popular due to its versatility and use of natural elements such as outdoor venues or floral decorations. Bohemian weddings can tie in with nearly any natural setting—forests, beaches, farms, etc.—and are more relaxed than most other traditional themes, making them a great option for guests of all ages.

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