Types of Data Protection

28 Jan 2021 IT Services

Data protection and safety measures are extremely important for businesses that regularly process personal data, as well as for businesses that have important documents that need to be kept safe and secure. Learning about the different types of data protection will help ensure that your business is implementing the best measures for protecting your business’ data. If you are unsure which data protection solutions will work best for your business, the experts from EC Managed IT can help.

Learn about the differences between data privacy and data protection.

Some of the different types of data protection include:

1. Risk Assessments

The more important a piece of information is, the more protection it should have. This means that businesses should consider implementing more data protection methods for sensitive data when compared to lower risk data. A risk assessment can be performed by a qualified data protection officer or privacy officer who will help you determine what data protection procedures should be put into place.

2. Authentication & Authorization

Authentication and authorization technologies can be used to boost data security, protecting your business from potential data breaches. While authentication technology works to verify a user’s credentials through the use of passwords, PINS, security tokens, biometrics, or swipe cards, authorization technology determines exactly what an authenticated user is allowed to do or access while on the server or website.

3. Backups & Recovery

One of the biggest parts of protecting your business data is to have a plan in place for restoring any information that could potentially be lost due to a system failure, natural disaster, breach, or data corruption. Performing regular backups of your company’s data onto a separate system or onto the cloud can make it extremely easy to recover any data that would otherwise be lost.

4. Encryption

Data encryption software is specifically designed to transform normal text into ciphertext through the use of an algorithm. The information can only be decrypted by an authorized user who has the cipher key. Data encryption is a great option for businesses that often exchange information between databases, mobile devices, and the cloud.

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