Types of Makita Cordless Drills and Drivers

25 Feb 2021 Industrial Equipment

Makita makes a wide range of cordless drills and drivers, and the tool you will need will depend on the work you are doing. As one of the best brands for tools available, Makita equipment is always a good investment. At Western Equipment, we supply a wide range of Makita power tools, including a variety of cordless drills. Make sure that you check out our store location nearest to you in order to take a look at some of the different types of Makita cordless drills and drivers and to get set up with the best tool for your needs.

Get some Makita battery care tips.

Cordless Makita Drills and Drivers

There are many different ways of categorizing Makita drills and drivers. Most types of drills and drivers are available in both conventional tool form and brushless, meaning that pricing and performance can be matched to any job. Makita also offers a 12v line of tools that is smaller than their regular 18v line of drills and drivers, as well as a more compact 18v drill for people who need more compact tools. Some of the categories offered by Makita include:


Makita drills are high-performing tools. There are a couple of different sizes of simple, conventional drills available. While these drills are durable and hard-working, they are exactly what a person might expect out of a drill and can be used for a wide range of jobs. Makita drills can also be used as drivers in many situations but do not usually feature an impact setting. Angle Drills are also available for jobs that need to be done in tight or awkward spaces.

Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are a great tool to use to quickly get screws and bolts into all kinds of materials. The impact function serves to push fasteners farther and make work go faster.


Driver-drills are combination tools that feature settings for both drilling and driving. Changing the setting allows for variable speed options as well as the support of an impact function.

Hammer Driver-Drills

For heavier duty driving or drilling jobs, hammer driver-drills are a great solution. These tools are a step below rotary hammers in capability and can be used for a variety of large drilling applications.

If you would like to learn more about the types of Makita cordless drills and drivers, or to find out about the variety of Makita tools we offer, please contact Western Equipment at the location nearest to you.