Types of Poultry Barns

27 Feb 2020 Custom Building

Getting to know some of the different types of poultry barns that you can have built on agricultural land will help you make an informed decision about which type of barn will work best for your specific wants and needs. At Twin Maple Construction, they understand how important it is to hire an experienced and reputable agricultural contractor for constructing poultry barns. That is why they offer a range of agricultural construction services, including building barns for chicken farms.

Different Types of Poultry Barns

Some of the different types of poultry barns you can choose from include:

Broiler and Specialty Chicken Barns

Broiler barns are specifically designed for farmers who want to raise chickens for meat production. This type of poultry barn is set up to allow the chickens to have enough space to walk around, so that they can become fully grown in a healthy, controlled environment. Broiler barns can also be set up to accommodate the growth of specialty chickens, such as Taiwan chickens.

Broiler Breeder Barns

Broiler breeder barns are designed for farmers who want to breed the poultry that will be used for meat production. Since this type of poultry barn is meant for chickens laying eggs, comfortable laying nests are placed throughout the barn to allow for easy egg collection. Broiler breeder barns can also be set up with conveyor belts that run through the barn and egg transport systems, which work to ensure that the maximum number of eggs can be collected safely.

Commercial Layer Barns

Similar to boiler breeder barns, commercial layer barns are designed for collecting eggs from chickens. This type of poultry barn can be fitted with poultry equipment systems, which are designed to help achieve maximum egg production while also maintaining the health of the chickens laying the eggs. Commercial layer barns are also designed to have an underlying manure belt for a healthy air environment, perches for the chickens, and multilevel nests.

Pullet Barns

Pullet barns are ideal for raising chickens until they are old enough to lay eggs for harvesting. All pullet barns are designed to allow the baby chicks to walk around, so that they can reach their full growth sooner.

Free-Range Barns

Free-range barns allow chickens to move around in a cage-free environment. All free-range barns also have an outdoor area that chickens can access at certain points in their lifespan.

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