Types of Shop Desks

8 Jul 2021 Warehouse Equipment

When it comes to warehousing, industrial manufacturing, and automotive garages, shop desks are used for a variety of purposes. From paperwork and storage to repairs and device inspections, the right shop desk can optimize safety and efficiency for any type of operation. As leading providers of shop desks, toolboxes, and storage solutions, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. That is why they have compiled some information on the types of shop desks they offer and their unique characteristics to help workers make an informed purchasing decision.

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What Type of Shop Desk is Right for Your Facility?

The right shop desk can make a huge difference in terms of safety and efficiency. The following types of shop desks are the most common choices for all types of industrial shops and facilities:

Cabinet Style

Cabinet-style shop desks offer a high level of storage space and rugged durability, making them a great choice for storing sensitive or expensive materials. As referenced by the name, these shop desks feature a two-door cabinet that can be used to store materials, tools, and other important items that are used often. Each cabinet-style shop desk features a powder-coated finish and a sloped writing top to maximize durability and comfort while performing intricate repairs, filling out paperwork, or completing other tasks. Cabinet-style shop desks are suitable for a wide range of warehousing and industrial applications, making them a great choice for most facilities.

Floor Foreman

Floor model foreman’s desks are a great choice for shipping and receiving clerks, watchmen, and shop foremen that work in commercial or industrial applications. These shop desks feature a sloped writing top and a single locking drawer, making them easier to assemble and move if needed. Floor foreman shop desks offer great versatility and portability, but they lack the storage space of cabinet-style options.

Wall Mounted

Wall-mounted shop desks are the perfect option for facilities with extremely limited space. As referenced by the name, these models are directly mounted to a facility wall and do not require a base or stand. They feature a sloped writing top and a single drawer for storage, making them a great space to fill out paperwork in busy warehouses or industrial facilities. When you need a convenient place to work and are not worried about storage, a wall-mounted shop desk is a great solution.