Types of Specialized Hand Trucks

30 Jan 2020 Warehouse Equipment

Hand trucks can be incredibly useful for moving heavy and bulky objects or stacks of objects over different types of terrain. There are many different structures of hand trucks available that are capable of carrying various sizes and types of loads. At Unitran Manufacturers, we design and produce many types of specialized hand trucks that are capable of handling a wide variety of loads for a wide range of industries.

Different Types of Specialty Hand Trucks

While many hand trucks have a similar design and only vary in the amount of weight they can carry or the type of wheels used, there are also many specialized hand trucks that are ideal for awkward loads or certain tasks. Whether you work in a warehouse, the liquor and food business, or any other industry, there is likely to be a type of hand truck that can make moving things around your facilities easier. Some of the various types of specialty hand trucks include:

Appliance Hand Trucks

If you frequently move appliances or furniture, these hand trucks are ideal. With a smaller lower shelf, a higher weight capacity, and straps to hold the load in place, appliance hand trucks can make any move much easier.

Chair Mover Hand Trucks

The chair mover hand truck is perfect for any facility that frequently requires that seating areas be set up and taken down. They feature a folding bar that fits under the seat of chairs to stabilize the load and are frequently used in churches, schools, and community centers.

Bread Tray Hand Trucks

Bread tray hand trucks are often used throughout the food industry to move small pallets of food. They are structured to be able to balance the load of a bread tray and they use forks rather than a shelf to easily pick up trays and keep them from moving side to side.

Beer Pallet Hand Trucks

Whether they are being used in a liquor store or pub, beer pallet hand trucks are small and lightweight, yet capable of carrying large amounts of liquid, especially in the form of beer cases.

Drum Handling Hand Trucks

There are a wide range of different types of drum handling hand trucks that can help boost the efficiency of any industry that uses drums, barrels, or kegs. Many of these hand trucks are able to make it easier to dispense liquids while also improving mobility and stability.

Cylinder Hand Trucks

By including a larger, more enclosed tray and chains for stability, cylinder hand trucks are ideal for moving any kind of compressed material. These hand trucks are available in various sizes to accommodate all kinds of cylinders.

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