Types of Traffic Control Signs

4 Jun 2020 Traffic Control

In BC, there a wide variety of different types of traffic control signs that help provide drivers with direction, information, and rules to follow. At Valley Traffic Systems, they know that traffic control signs are integral to creating a safe environment on our roadways. That is why they sell all kinds of BC road signs.

Types of Traffic Control Signs in BC

Traffic control signs come in a variety of different shapes and colours and are designed to give directions to drivers, to display important information, and to identify laws. Some of the most common types of traffic controls signs seen on BC roadways include:

Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are most commonly in black and white or in red and white. These types of traffic control signs are the rules of the road, as defined by the Motor Vehicle Act, and are designed to communicate information about when to stop or how fast you can drive.

Warning Signs

Warning signs work by calling attention to potentially hazardous or dangerous conditions on or adjacent to the roadway. These signs are yellow with black information and are used for everything from school zones to avalanche warnings.

Guide Signs

Guide signs are designed to provide drivers with information, such as route numbers, directions, and distances to nearby destinations. Guide signs also provide information about nearby transportation (airport, ferry, etc.) and emergency services information. This type of traffic control sign is typically green with white writing.

Information Signs

Information signs provide general text about points of interest and geographical or cultural information. These signs let drivers know where the best places are to rest or where to stop to take that perfect scenic picture.

Construction Signs

While construction signs are not on roadways all the time, they are designed to alert drivers to upcoming construction zones, as well as how that construction work has impacted the road. Construction signs are fluorescent orange with black information and are designed to tell drivers when to slow down and when traffic patterns have changed.

Service and Attraction Signs

Similar to information signs, service and attention signs are blue with white text and are designed to provide drivers with important information about where they can find food, gas, and lodging.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of traffic control signs, or if you are interested in their BC traffic control signs for sale, please contact Valley Traffic Systems at the location nearest you or by filling out a quote on their website.