Vinyl Wraps for Seattle Food Trucks

29 Sep 2020 Vinyl Wraps

One of the most important things that a Seattle food truck needs to be able to do is grab the attention of people passing by. One of the best ways to do this is by making something that smells absolutely incredible. Another effective method is by designing a custom vinyl wrap for your food truck that draws people in with its amazing design. At Wrap Guys America, we specialize in creating intricate custom vinyl wrap designs for Seattle food trucks that can help your business rise above the noise.

Food Truck Wrap Design Seattle

What to Look for in a Seattle Food Truck Wrap

If you own a food truck and you are looking to solidify your brand and catch the eyes of passersby, then it is important to consider a few things when designing your truck. Make sure that you talk to a professional food truck wrap designer in the Seattle area to get their input on what could work well. Some things to consider when designing your vinyl wrap include:

Branding and Colors

The most important thing to consider for the vinyl wrap is the branding information and colors used. If you already have an established brand that people in the Seattle area would recognize, it is important to use elements of that brand in the wrap design. Patterns, mascots, colors, and fonts should all be consistent. Whether you have an existing brand or not, it is important to use vibrant, eye-catching designs.

How Well the Design Suits the Product

Make sure that your vehicle wrap suits your cuisine. There are plenty of food trucks in Seattle. If somebody is not sure what they will get when they step up to your food truck, they are likely to just move on to the next eatery.

How the Wrap Works with Moving Components

When designing a truck wrap, it is good to consider how it will look when set up and open for business as well as taken down. If you have awnings, roll-up windows, doors, or other moving components, factor these into the food truck wrap’s design.

How Text Factors into the Design

The text on your food wrap should always be easy to read. The text could simply be the name of your food truck, a phone number, and a tagline talking about your particular cuisine, or it could be a full menu of what you serve. In any case, make sure that the text is legible to avoid frustrating your clientele.

If you would like to find out more about vinyl wrap designs for Seattle food trucks, then feel free to reach out to Wrap Guys America by calling us at 1-360-329-5413 or by contacting us through our online form to book an appointment.