Warehouse Storage for Small Items

2 Apr 2020 Warehouse Equipment

At Commander Warehouse, they understand how important it is to be able to store smaller items in the workplace in a logical, well-organized manner. That is why they offer a wide range of warehouse storage for small items.

Types of Warehouse Storage for Small Items

Some of the different types of warehouse storage that you can use to organize and store small items include:

Rousseau Spider Shelving Systems

In addition to using a combination of shelving and mini racking to optimize storage possibilities, Rousseau spider shelving systems can also be fitted with modular drawers to help with the proper organization of smaller parts. This type of warehouse storage system is designed for intensive use, making it the ideal choice for all kinds of working atmospheres.

Modular Drawer Systems

Modular drawer systems are perfect for organizing small items in hectic workspaces. All modular drawer systems can be fitted with modular drawers, shelving, and hooks, making it easy for you to custom design the ideal modular drawer system for your workspace.

Bin & Container Cabinets

Bin and container cabinets, including Hi Density Security Bin Cabinets and Combination Bin Security Cabinets, are the ideal choice for keeping precision tools, valuable parts, and small assemblies secure in even the busiest warehouse environments. This type of warehouse storage system is designed to incorporate louvered bin hanging panels on the inside of the doors to help maximize the amount of storage space available for small items.

Storage Cabinets

No matter what type of small items or tools you are looking to store, storage cabinets provide a great solution and are built to last even through years of steady use. All storage cabinets come with durable locking door handles for ensuring the protection of valuable parts and tools.

Drawer Cabinets

Drawer cabinets are the ideal solution for safely storing and organizing small tools in any warehouse space. All drawer cabinets can be equipped with different drawer sizes, making it easy to select the correct depth for your exact requirements.

If you would like to learn more about warehouse storage for small items, or if you are interested in one of their storage products, please contact Commander Warehouse at one of their four locations across Western Canada or by filling out a contact form on their website. Their team would love to help you select the ideal storage solution for organizing small items in your warehouse.