Warning Signs of Electrical Fires

16 Mar 2021 Licensed Electrician

Electrical fires can be a devastating and unexpected emergency for any home or commercial building. The electrical wires in any building may start a fire through a process known as “arcing”. Arcing occurs when a current jumps across a gap or break in the circuit, causing sparks and heat. If the conditions are right, these sparks and heat can cause the surrounding area to catch on fire. Understanding the warning signs of electrical fires is crucial for preventing them from happening. That is why the team at Expert Electric has put together a list of the most common signs of electrical fires.

Signs of Electrical Fires

The following is a list of the most common signs or indications of an electrical fire. If you frequently experience even one of these signs, it is highly recommended to contact a licensed electrician for a residential or commercial inspection.

Flickering Lights

If you have ever wondered why your lights flicker, the answer could be arcing due to poor connections within your home’s electrical system. Consistent flickering or dimming of lights is a common sign of frayed or loose connections. If this issue continues to occur even after replacing light bulbs, take note of the room it is occurring in and contact a professional.

Frequent Breaker Tripping

Occasional breaker tripping is normal for most homes but, if it is happening multiple times a week, that may indicate a short circuit. A short circuit is a large flow of electrical current that results from improper connections. This current level is unsafe and trips the breaker to shut down the flow of electricity. Fuses may also blow when this occurs, so it is advised to replace these fuses with new ones of the appropriate size.

Outlets Emitting Heat or Odour

Overloaded outlets will often be hot to the touch. In some cases, these outlets may even produce an unpleasant odour that smells like smoke or fire. Ensure that you are not exceeding the capacity of an outlet and utilize quality surge protectors or power bars. Do not place these power bars under rugs, clothes, or other materials that can increase heat or pose a fire hazard.

If you are currently noticing any of these signs, please contact the licensed electricians at Expert Electric through their website or by phone at 604-681-8338. Their team can perform an in-depth inspection to determine the cause and perform repairs to keep your home or facility safe.