Wedding Entertainment Ideas

11 Feb 2021 Weddings

If you want your wedding to create a lasting impression for guests, using a variety of different types of wedding entertainment options will ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. At InStyle Floor Wraps, they want to help make your wedding day as memorable as possible. That is why they have put together a list of some of their favourite wedding entertainment ideas.

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1. Photo Booth

Photo booths are a popular wedding entertainment choice, as they allow your guests to break the mold of traditional wedding photos while also giving them a great keepsake to take home. Consider hiring a photo booth company that will provide you with an array of different costumes and accessories for your guests to dress up in.

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2. Arcade Games

If you and your friends love video games or billiards, why not incorporate them into your wedding? Renting vintage arcade games and a couple of billiard tables will provide your guests with countless hours of fun and a lasting impression that they will talk about for years to come.

3. Artisan Demo Stations

Consider hiring a local artisan, such as a chocolatier or a barista, to display their food art at your wedding. Guests will be able to watch and learn about the artisan’s unique craft, as well as enjoy their tasty treats once the demonstration is over.

4. DIY Cocktail Bar

Rather than creating a signature cocktail for your wedding, consider letting guests create their own signature drinks with a DIY cocktail bar. You can provide your guests with a selection of different beverage and garnish options, as well as a variety of different glasses that they can choose from to create their perfect concoction.

5. Live Performers

Nothing beats live entertainment. Whether you are wanting to hire a traditional wedding band or are looking for something a little more unique—fire eaters, palm readers, magicians, circus performers, etc.—having live performers at your wedding can help create a fun atmosphere that your guests will love.

6. Table Games

If you are planning on seating guests together who do not know each other very well, consider providing guests with a selection of table games that they can use to break the ice. Table games can include a range of conversation starters, questions, and dares related to the wedding.

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