What are Diverter Dampers Used for?

11 Feb 2021 Industrial Dampers

Understanding what diverter dampers are used for will help you make an informed decision about which kind of diverter damper will work best for your specific requirements. At Flextech Industries, they carry a selection of different diverter dampers that can be used in a variety of different systems.

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When Should You Use Diverter Dampers?

Diverter dampers are specifically designed to seal heat or gas coming from pipes that are under pressure due to temperature changes, vibrations, or gas turbulence. Diverter dampers are used in redirect gas flow from one outlet to the next, as well as for isolating gas, particularly in heat recovery steam generators.

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Some of the different diverter dampers that you can choose from are:

Butterfly Dampers

Butterfly Dampers are ideal for low-leakage isolation. They are commonly constructed using a four-seal design: swing-through seal, tadpole seal, steps seal with perimeter, and step seal. Butterfly dampers can be used in a variety of different applications including controlling air systems, baghouse, stack isolation, and many more. This type of diverter damper only requires minimal space for support structure and lower maintenance.

Guillotine Dampers

Guillotine dampers offer secure isolation, which is mostly useful during maintenance. This type of diverter damper is excellent for use in servicing scrubbers, oxidizers, boiler breach, heaters, precipitators, and incinerators.

Louver Dampers

Louver dampers are made using two different designs: single-bladed for a precise flow and isolation and double-bladed for a flexible metal sealing system and zero leakage. The blades used can vary from airfoil and monocoque blades for moderately to highly corrosive and dirty applications.

Inlet Vane Dampers

Inlet vane dampers come in two different configurations, which are applicable for fan shut-off and volume control. This type of diverter damper also saves space and requires minimal support structure to install.

T & Flap Diverter Dampers

T & flap diverter dampers are specifically designed to divert high-temperature exhaust gases. There are two different types of T & flap diverter dampers that can be used in varying applications:

  • Flap diverters are designed to withstand heat, especially coming from gas turbines during recovery boiler bypass. They are rectangular and have circular, cross-sectioned ducts.
  • T-diverter dampers are available in standard 45° and 90°configurations and are designed for isolation and flow modulation applications for directing gas flow in another direction.

If you would like to learn more about what diverter dampers are used for, or if you are interested in one of their industrial dampers, please contact Flextech Industries at the location nearest you.