What are Gravity Flow Roller Racks?

18 Jan 2022 Warehouse Equipment

Racking systems are a vital element for all warehouses and industrial facilities. While the right racking solution will optimize productivity, storage capacity, and organization for your operation, the incorrect solution will have the opposite effect on each element. If your operation requires a high-density racking system that promotes optimal picking speeds, a gravity flow roller rack may be the perfect solution. To help you determine if these units are the right choice for your needs, the experts at Commander Warehouse Equipment have provided some information to help you understand what gravity flow roller racks are, their key elements, and the benefits they can provide.

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Key Elements of Gravity Flow Roller Racks

Gravity flow roller racking systems consist of long tracks of rollers that feed pallets from one end of the rack to the other using gravity, speeding up picking and loading times. Each rack is designed to create efficient and easily accessible staging areas for loading trucks and distributing goods. This is achieved by offering a high-density storage solution that conveys goods from one section of a warehouse to another without the need for additional equipment. Flow racking reduces warehouse traffic and increases the amount of available storage space while the segregated lanes simplify the process of preparing orders and reduce shipping errors.

Benefits of Gravity Flow Roller Racks

Gravity flow racking systems are typically used to create a simple conveyor system that eliminates the need for forklifts to travel across a warehouse. This saves time by reducing labour and creates a safer work environment. Pallet flow racks can also accommodate pallets of various sizes and can be stacked on top of one another, optimizing storage capacity and creating additional staging areas.

Reduced Labour and Increased Productivity

These unique racking systems utilize gravity to perform most of the material handling labour, reducing the need for forklifts and significantly cutting down on handling time. This frees up time for staging, packaging, and other vital tasks. Gravity roller racks also reduce worker fatigue, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of accidents.

Streamlined and Accurate Organization

If your operation handles a variety of time/date-sensitive goods, you likely understand how important it is to keep these items properly organized. By using a gravity roller rack, operations can easily ensure that time-sensitive products are always kept near the front of the system, ensuring that they are handled before items that are not as high of a priority.

Easy Integration with Your Existing Equipment

Gravity flow roller racks do not require any special forklifts or other equipment to be used effectively. This makes them easy to integrate and use with your existing forklifts, staging areas, and picking equipment, eliminating the need for a major overhaul of your facility.

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