What are Guillotine Dampers?

23 Jan 2020 Industrial Dampers

If you have a piping or ducting setup that needs to be shut down occasionally for routine inspections, cleaning, or material changeovers, it is worth investigating what guillotine dampers are and the possibility of implementing them throughout your system. At Flextech Industries, we manufacture all kinds of dampers and other high-quality engineering products for use in various fields and applications.

What is a Guillotine Damper?

Guillotine dampers are a type of single-bladed obstruction that can completely cut off the flow of a piping or venting system. These dampers are used in operations where complete flow isolation is a necessity. They operate by sliding a panel across the inside of a pipe or vent to form a wall that materials cannot pass.

Benefits of Guillotine Dampers

Unlike many other types of dampers, guillotine dampers do not cause any kind of a drop in pressure when not in use, as they remain completely out of the material’s path when fully retracted. Guillotine dampers are also able to completely isolate sections of the system quickly and more efficiently than other dampers. They are cost-effective and require next to no maintenance. Although they take up a bit more space than some other types of dampers, they still require very little extra room to operate.

Uses for Guillotine Dampers

Guillotine dampers are most commonly seen in clean gas streams, but some designs of these dampers, such as the Bellowseal® design, can be used to form a seal in systems where ash and other types of solids can be present. Different types of guillotine dampers offer varying levels of seals, so make sure you know how vital complete isolation of materials is in your application when implementing a guillotine damper. They are used in precipitators, oxidizers, incinerators, heaters, boilers, and burners to isolate certain aspects of the systems. Guillotine dampers can be made from various materials to suit different applications, provide stability in fluctuating temperatures, and to isolate a variety of substances.

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