What are My Rights as an Employee?

15 Oct 2020 Legal Services

It is important for anyone in British Columbia to be aware of their fundamental rights as an employee to ensure that they are not taken advantage of. There are numerous complexities within the realm of employment law, which is why it is important to contact a lawyer whenever there is a dispute between you and your employer. At Linley Welwood, our team of experienced lawyers can help to ensure that the situation is made right if your rights as an employee are infringed upon.

What are Some Examples of Employee Rights?

Knowing some of the basic rights that employees in British Columbia are entitled to can help you to protect yourself and ensure you are working in a healthy environment. The rights that employees are given by BC and Canadian law are numerous, so make sure that you talk to a lawyer for a full list of your rights. Many of the rights that employees have overlap with the general human rights that everyone in BC can expect to receive under the BC Human Rights Code, and many others are determined by BC’s minimum employment standards, as expressed in the Employment Standards Act. Some examples of the rights you have as an employee include:

Right to Freedom from Discrimination

One of the most important rights in the workplace is an employee’s right to be able to work free from discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sex, health, or any other grounds. There are many laws in place that are designed to protect against discrimination, so make sure that you talk to a lawyer if you feel like this is happening in your workplace.

Right to a Safe Work Environment

Employees have the right to work in a safe environment. WorkSafeBC has set numerous health and safety standards in place that help to ensure that a work environment does not threaten the health of the employees working in it. If the nature of the job is dangerous, the employer must meet certain standards according to the job in order to protect their employees.

Right to Fair Pay

Employees in British Columbia have the right to be paid at least minimum wage for work done and pay periods cannot be longer than 16 days. Employees also have the right to be paid overtime for working more than a standard day or for working statutory holidays.

Right to Time Off

Sick days, holidays, and vacation days are a right for employees in British Columbia. There are also certain types of protected leaves of absence that can be taken, during which the employee’s job is protected.

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