What are Pallet Racking Protectors?

21 Mar 2023 Warehouse Equipment

If you utilize pallet racking systems within your facility, it is crucial to ensure that they are sufficiently secured and protected against accidental impacts. Failure to protect your pallet racking systems can result in a damaged rack or a total collapse of the system. As a leading provider of racking systems and pallet rack frame protectors, the team at Commander Warehouse Equipment knows how important it is to keep racks secure and safe. That is why we have compiled some information to help you understand what pallet racking protectors are and why they are a must-have piece of equipment for every warehouse or industrial facility.

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An Overview of Pallet Racking Protectors

As referenced by their name, pallet racking protectors are a product that is designed to protect all kinds of pallet racking systems. While there are several types of pallet racking protectors available, pallet rack leg protectors are the most commonly used. These units are installed at the base of pallet racking system legs to help protect the system from forklift impacts or collisions from other types of equipment. When an upright protector is installed, this unit will absorb the impact and keep the racking behind it safe, drastically reducing the chance of damage or a collapse. Pallet racking protectors are commonly used in warehouses, shops, factories, truck terminals, and the automotive industry.

Benefits of Pallet Racking Protectors

Pallet racking protectors offer the following benefits for facilities of all sizes:

Enhanced Employee Safety

Accidental collisions between material handling equipment and racking systems can happen even if operators are highly experienced. By installing upright protectors throughout your facility, you can ensure that your employees remain safe even if they accidentally collide with a racking system. Pallet racking uprights are also highly visible from any angle. This means that they simultaneously help to protect against collisions while reducing the chance of a collision happening in the first place.

Reduced Racking Wear and Damage

If an accidental collision between a forklift and a pallet racking system occurs, this can cause the system to collapse. Pallet rack protectors are specifically designed to help prevent pallet rack uprights from being damaged by forklifts and other material handling equipment by deflecting even the strongest of impacts. This helps to keep your racking systems in good condition, ensuring optimal performance and safety for years to come.

Easy to Install

Pallet rack protectors come equipped with a baseplate that has three anchor holes. This allows for easy installation on nearly any type of existing pallet racking system, allowing you to quickly install multiple units and significantly enhance the safety of your facility.

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