What are Specialty Transfer Hoses?

15 Apr 2021 Flexible Hoses

Specialty transfer hoses are utilized when transferring fluids such as gasoline, cooling liquids, and other potentially hazardous materials. They feature insulated assemblies that increase heat resistance without compromising flexibility, making them ideal for the most demanding work environments. Understanding what specialty transfer hoses are will help you determine which type of flexible hose is best for your needs.

As a leading manufacturer and provider of flexible hoses, Flextech Industries offers specialty transfer hoses for all types of applications. Their team has provided some information to demonstrate what specialty transfer hoses are used for and how to choose a high-quality option for your needs. This will ensure that any difficult or potentially hazardous materials are transferred efficiently and safely.

What are Specialty Transfer Hoses Used for?

Specialty transfer hoses are used for applications that require the transportation of fuel, chemicals, and cooling fluids. Each of these materials can be hazardous and cause heavy damage to other types of hoses, resulting in leaks and spills. Specialty transfer hoses are used for the following types of industrial applications:

  • Fuel production and distribution.
  • Industrial manufacturing facilities.
  • Automotive manufacturing.
  • Chemical handling and disposal.
  • Oil transfer and distribution.
  • Transferring extremely cold or hot fluids.
  • Any other application that handles hazardous or difficult fluids.

Choosing a High-Quality Specialty Transfer Hose

Choosing the correct specialty transfer hose is crucial for ensuring safety and optimal operation. The following features are indicators of a high-quality specialty transfer hose:

  • Jacketed Assemblies.
  • PTFE Lined Assemblies.
  • Expansion and Seismic Loops.
  • Durable, puncture-resistant construction.
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures.

In addition to the qualities listed above, it is a good idea to see if a hose meets or exceeds the safety and performance standards outlined by the following regulatory bodies:

  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA).
  • Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA).
  • Fluid Sealing Association (FSA).
  • American Welding Society (AWS).
  • Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN).

At Flextech Industries, each of there hoses are precision-engineered to include the previously mentioned features and meet the standards outlined by each regulating body. This ensures reliable and consistent performance in even the most demanding environments and applications. They also provide custom-made specialty transfer hoses for unique applications and requirements.

To learn more about what specialty transfer hoses are and how they are used, reach out to the team at Flextech Industries. Their experts can be reached by phone at your nearest location or through their online contact form.