What are the Best Applications for a Loading Ramp?

8 Oct 2020 Loading Ramps

Industrial loading ramps are used commonly across various industries in order to quickly and conveniently load and unload products from transport vehicles like trucks and trains. At Dura-Ramp, we know the best applications for loading ramps, and these applications factor into our designs for the different industrial loading ramps and docks that we manufacture.

applications for loading ramps

Various Uses for Loading Ramps

Although the actual application for a loading ramp remains the same regardless of where it is being used, there are many different industries and settings that use loading ramps. Some of the areas where loading ramps and loading docks are most commonly used include:

Shipping Yards

Because many styles of well-made loading ramps can be used in outdoor settings, they are frequently used in shipping yards to make loading and unloading trucks and containers easier. Many types of loading ramps are also mobile, meaning that they can be moved into position for a job and then stored out of the way.


One of the most common uses for loading ramps is in warehouses and storage facilities. Warehouses are constantly shipping and receiving inventory, and not all storage facilities are equipped with loading bays. A loading ramp can make it much easier to unload a truck full of new stock, as it will allow a forklift to drive directly into the truck.

Train Yards

Some types of loading docks are specifically manufactured to connect easily with train cars. With the right customization, multiple train cars can even be unloaded at once using the same ramp, giving a major boost to a facility’s efficiency.

Manufacturing Facilities

Many manufacturers of certain products such as cars, heavy equipment, or food products use loading ramps at their facilities in order to quickly and easily move product onto delivery vehicles from the manufacturing line.

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