What are the Main Components of a Boom Truck?

26 May 2020 Mobile Cranes

Boom trucks are incredibly useful tools for a wide variety of jobs and industries. Whether you are having supplies delivered to a jobsite, hoisting materials or a piece of equipment to a new location, or constructing an edifice, boom trucks can make the job much easier. If you work in an industry that occasionally uses these tools, it can be useful to know what the main components of a boom truck are. At TNT Crane & Rigging, we provide crane rentals for various types of mobile cranes, including boom trucks.

The Main Components of a Boom Truck

Boom trucks (also known as boom cranes, picker trucks, and truck cranes) consist of a series of main components that work together to accomplish hoisting tasks. The main components of a boom truck are:


The boom is the long arm that extends from the crane to lift loads. The main cable that attaches to the load being hoisted runs along the boom. Boom trucks with stiff booms extend or telescope the boom using a hydraulic pump.

Hydraulic Pump

The hydraulic pump is where the boom gets its power to lift loads. The pump allows the boom to rise and descend as well as telescope to extend its reach.

Rotex Gear

A boom crane needs to be able to pivot in order to move loads. The crane rests on a mechanism called a rotex gear, which is operated from inside the crane operator cabin.


Outriggers extend off the sides of the boom truck to offer stability while a hoisting operation is underway. These components, along with a series of counterweights, keep the crane stable when the boom is extended.

Truck Cabin

The truck cabin is where the driver of the boom truck sits when in transit.

Crane Operator Cabin/Operator Controls

On larger boom trucks, the crane will be mounted on a truck bed and have a cabin for the crane operator to sit in. On smaller boom trucks, there will be no cabin but rather a control panel that can be used to operate the simpler crane mechanism.

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