What are the Steps in Building a Commercial Building?

14 May 2020 Custom Building

Getting to know the steps in building a commercial building will help you better understand the process a general contractor will use when working on your commercial building project. At Twin Maple Construction, they work hard to keep their clients well informed throughout the entire commercial building process, so that they are never out of the loop on how their commercial building is progressing.

Commercial Construction Process

The main steps in the commercial construction process are:

1. Planning & Development

Out of all the stages in the commercial construction process, planning and development is the most important, as this is when the location and budget for the project are set. At this step in the process, you will also need to hire a company that specializes in commercial building construction to help streamline the process.

2. Design/Build

During this step in the process, the general size and function of each of the rooms in the building will be determined based on the building’s orientation in relation to utility connections and development covenants. The design team will also have to ensure that all designs meet building codes and regulations. Contract documents are then created to establish a timeline for the project, as well as to set costs for each phase of construction.

3. Pre-Construction

In order for the pre-construction phase to start, the project owner will need to notify the general contractor to proceed, as well as provide them with a list of materials to send out to vendors and commercial subcontractors for quotes. All building permits and insurance requirements will be obtained, and a site investigation will be performed to ensure that there are no unexpected complications, such as environmental hazards.

4. Procurement

All of the materials, equipment, and labour needed to complete the project are then purchased by the general contractor or various subcontractors. This includes purchase orders being drawn up to confirm that the products meet the project specifications and determined price.

5. Construction

During the construction phase, decisions about work hours, material storage, site access, and quality control will be made before the ground is broken. Depending on the design and functionality, this step may include site excavation, installing underground utilities, concrete pouring, steel erection, framing, roofing, exterior work, and interior work. Each of these steps will be inspected by the project manager and an official inspector.

6. Post-Construction

Before the building can be occupied, several additional steps will be taken after construction is complete, including a project punch list that includes final walkthrough times like changing paint colours or replacing broken tile. Once all of the requirements for the project have been met, a certificate of substantial completion will be issued.

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