What are Welded Mesh Panels?

19 Aug 2021 Farm Fencing

Welded mesh panels, also known as welded wire panels, are a durable and versatile option for fencing livestock, protecting your garden, and creating designated work areas. Whether you are housing cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, or goats, there is a type of welded mesh panel that can keep your livestock safe. As leading providers of farm fencing, gates, and other products, Edge Wholesale Direct understands the importance of having the right equipment for your needs. That is why they have provided some information on what welded mesh panels are to help you determine if they are a suitable choice for your farm.

Learn about some hobby farm fencing options.

Benefits of Welded Mesh Corral Panels

Welded mesh panels offer a variety of benefits for hobby farms, commercial farms, and corrals. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

Long-Lasting Durability

Welded mesh panels are constructed from galvanized steel rods that are welded at every intersection and covered in a thick zinc coating. This allows for lasting durability that can stand up to wear and tear caused by energetic livestock and impacts. When you choose a welded mesh panel, you are choosing a product that will keep your livestock, garden, or crops safe from a variety of threats and hazards.

Options for all Types of Livestock

A significant advantage of welded mesh panels is the number of configurations they are available in. Whether you are looking for a mesh panel with consistent spacing between each post or a combination panel with smaller gaps at the bottom, there is an option that will suit your needs. From horse and bull panels to hog and utility panels, you can select the perfect combination of welded wire panels to suit your precise farming needs.

Easy Installation and Transportation

16’ wire mesh panels are designed for easy transportation and installation in nearly any environment. With total weights between 35 lb to 60 lb, each unit can be easily picked up and transported to other areas of your farm as needed. This is ideal for operations that constantly shuffle their livestock or farms that are looking to change their layout.

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