What Does it Cost to Have Your Will Written in Abbotsford?

27 Aug 2020 Notary Public

Getting a will drafted that is legally binding and as uncomplicated as possible is incredibly important, especially if you have children. There are many factors that can influence what it costs to have your will written in Abbotsford, BC and, at Sidhu & Associates, we can help to ensure that you get a will written that meets all of your current requirements and considers your future needs as well.

How Much Does a Will Cost in Abbotsford?

Although there are many kits available that allow you to write your own will, it is important to remember that these wills have a limited capability that is usually equivalent to their cost. If there are any complications in your situation, it is important to get a will written by a qualified Abbotsford notary to ensure that it holds up properly in court and that your wishes are honoured. Some of the factors that can influence how much a will costs include:

Who Writes the Will

Different lawyers and notaries will charge different amounts to write a will. Their level of experience, education, and specialization will often come into play when determining their price. While many lawyers will charge more to write a will, an Abbotsford notary that specializes in will writing can often be just as effective while also being more affordable.

The Nature of the Will

One of the main influencing factors of what it costs to have a will drawn up in Abbotsford is how complicated the estate is. If you have a large number of beneficiaries and assets that need to be assigned with specific instructions, it can wind up being more expensive for the will to be written because it takes more time and strategy. A will that includes planning for multiple properties and larger assets that need to be divided between multiple beneficiaries will cost more than a will that simply assigns a few small assets to a single spouse or dependent.

Dependent Clauses in the Will

If the will includes multiple dependent clauses, such as stipulations about what can be inherited if a spouse remarries, this will also affect the cost of the will. Wills that include dependent clauses can be trickier to write and require more forethought, but an experienced notary can ensure that the right questions get answered so that these important details are not left out.

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