What does it Cost to Rewire a Building?

12 Nov 2020 Licensed Electrician

Older wiring and electrical systems can become dangerous after too much time has passed. While it is often possible to simply swap out switches, outlets, and fixtures, systems that are old enough will need to be completely reinstalled. Swapping out a building’s electrical panel and wiring can be intricate and dangerous, so it is best to call an experienced electrician who offers a suite of electrical maintenance services to get this job done. Before calling an electrician, it can help to know what it costs to rewire a building.

How Much does it Cost to Rewire a Building?

Whether you are rewiring an old house, an aging commercial building, or an industrial complex that is out of date, the cost of revamping the electrical system will vary depending on a couple of factors. These factors include:

Building Square Footage

The bigger the building, the more likely it is that it will need extra material and work to rewire it. A smaller building with less rooms and electrical fixtures will require much less wire and fewer hours of effort to complete the job.

The Type of Building

The function of the building can make a difference in how much it costs to rewire it. Because they do not typically have an abundance of high consuming fixtures or special systems, homes tend to cost less to rewire than industrial complexes. Many industrial or commercial complexes require more light or wiring that can bear stronger loads.

Some buildings are also more difficult to rewire than others. A log or brick building will be often more difficult to rewire than one that is normal timber and drywall, meaning that some buildings will cost more to rewire based solely on the building materials used.

Property Location

The farther that an electrician needs to go to rewire your building, the more expensive the job is likely to be.

The Number of Fixtures

A building with a high number of switches, light fixtures, outlets, and other different circuits takes more work and materials to rewire than a building that has just a few circuits. If a building is one big open space and most of the lights are controlled by one or two switches, it is likely to be a lot less expensive to reinstall wiring.

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