What to Expect from Professional Painters

26 Sep 2019 Painting Services

Knowing what to expect from professional painters will help you have a better understanding of what services are included when hiring a painting company to work on the interior of your home. At Dunbar Painting, they understand how important it is to choose a painting company who will make your life easier every step of the way. That is why they offer a range of comprehensive interior painting services for every room in the house.

Preparing the Painting Surface

A professional painting company will take the time to properly prepare the interior of your home before starting to paint. In order to properly prepare the area, a professional will:

  • Cover the floors and furniture
  • Remove fixtures and hardware
  • Sand shiny woodwork
  • Fill holes and wall damage
  • Caulk joints around the trim
  • Spot prime repaired or bare wood areas
  • Sand walls to remove texture

High-Quality Painting Products

Professional painters will always use high-end paint products and materials on every job, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams products. At Dunbar Painting, they limit themselves to only working with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams in order to ensure great working relationships for solving any problems or cost issues that might arise during your home painting project.

Professional Paint Job

Hiring a professional painting company to work on the interior of your home means knowing that the paint will be applied evenly without any splotches or runs. Professional painters will also be able to properly tape edges and will know which brush or roller will work best for each of the different sections of your home, preventing any painting mishaps like the base colour getting on the trim.

Cleaning Up the Area

Once the interior of your home has been painted to your satisfaction, the professional painters will clean up the area and put everything back the way it was before they started working. This means that you will not have to worry about rearranging the furniture or about cleaning up discarded paint chips and empty paint cans.

If you would like to learn more about what to expect from professional painters, or if you are interested in their interior home painting services, please contact Dunbar Painting at 604-788-3382 of by filling out a contact form on their website.