What Features to Include in a Natural Swim Pond

3 Dec 2020 Water Features

If you are looking into the possibility of getting a natural swim pond installed on your property, it is worth talking with a professional swim pond designer about possible features that could be included. These water features are excellent investments with loads of opportunities for customization and enjoyment, and it can be difficult to know what features to include in your natural swim pond without experience with water feature design. At Fontana Ponds & Water Features, our seasoned team is always ready to help you achieve your dream for a backyard oasis.

What to Include When Designing a Natural Swim Pond

The different elements that can be included in your natural swim pond’s design will depend on a variety of factors. The amount of space present around the pond will be important to consider, as will the overall aesthetic of the yard. Some features worth considering when designing a swim pond include:

Fountains and Waterfalls

Adding a waterfall or fountain to your swim pond can greatly improve its visual appeal, as well as give it additional aeration and movement of water in order to improve the pond’s health. Waterfalls can be incorporated with the surrounding landscaping in order to give your yard a truly natural look.

Additional Architecture

Ponds can be combined with other outdoor structures in order to provide better use. Docks, decks, gazebos, and other architectural features can be added next to a natural swim pond with the right preparation.

Sitting Areas

There are many different ways to create sitting areas around a natural swim pond in order to enjoy the peace that these water features offer even more. Swings, benches, and deck seating are just a few of the ways that seating can be added to a pond.


The plant life included in or surrounding a pond can make a big difference in how it looks and functions. Trees and other surrounding vegetation should be carefully considered as some plants do better than others in aquatic settings. Plants can also be used to offer shade or other functions to the pond.

Rock Features

Natural swim ponds regularly include elements of rock. With the right planning, rock features can be used to provide jumping points for swimmers, shade, sitting areas, and more.

If you would like to learn more about what features can be included in a natural swim pond’s design, or to find out more about the work that we do at Fontana Ponds & Water Features, please feel free to contact us.