What is a Construction Traffic Management Plan?

18 Mar 2021 Traffic Control

For contractors, it is important to know what a construction traffic management plan is. These plans are required by law for construction within any major city. A construction traffic management plan is designed to outline the various strategies used for keeping construction workers safe while moving drivers and pedestrians through or around the worksite without issue. At Valley Traffic Services, their team understands why traffic management is important. That is why they provide complete traffic management services from their highly trained staff to keep construction personnel, drivers, and pedestrians safe.

Construction Traffic Management Plan Components

It is important to understand what must be included in a construction traffic management plan. The following components must be included for the plan to be approved:

  • The type of work being performed (construction, repairs, renovation, teardown, etc.).
  • All affected streets with their names labelled.
  • A street layout that clearly and accurately shows:
    • Lane lines (straight, turning, one-way street, etc.).
    • Bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
    • Markings for pavement and sidewalks.
    • Driveways for businesses and homes.
    • Bus stops and other transit facilities.
  • Procedures for setting up the site and packing up when the work is complete.
  • Types of equipment that will be used on the site (telescopic forklifts, cranes, etc.).
  • Equipment that will be utilized for traffic control (cones, lights, etc.).
  • The construction “zones” and the speed limits of vehicles that pass through them.
  • Plans for communicating potential traffic delays or detours to drivers at various points before the construction site.
  • The hours and dates of implementation.
  • Potential site hazards for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Management strategies for these site hazards.
  • Procedures for emergencies in the event that one occurs.

Other Important Considerations

In addition to the elements above, it is also important to coordinate with any businesses or buildings adjacent to the construction site. This will ensure that residents of these buildings have time to prepare for noise and other changes during construction. The plan must also consider pedestrians and their ability to get through a worksite. In most cases, only one sidewalk or crosswalk can be closed at a time, so this should be accounted for in the construction traffic management plan.

To learn more about construction traffic management plans and why they are important, reach out to the team at Valley Traffic Systems. They can work with you to provide complete traffic service solutions and answer any questions you may have.